CPG - Griddles - Thermostatic

Cooking Performance Group (CPG) - Griddles - Thermostatic

Cooking Performance Group thermostatic griddles allow you to quickly and easily serve up delicious burgers, steaks, stacks of flap jacks or piles of French toast! Energy efficient thermostatic controls can be adjusted from 200 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the precise temperature control you need to cook every creation to perfection. With 30,000 BTU burners located every 12" and sizes ranging from 15" to 72", Cooking Performance Group's line of griddles with thermostatic controls is sure to meet your every need. An 20" deep, 3/4" thick surface guarantees you plenty of room to cook during your busiest hours, while back and side splashes help protect your countertops from unsightly messes.