Cooking Performance Group CHSP1 SlowPro Cook and Hold Oven - 208/240V, 2250/3000W

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Cooking Performance Group CHSP1 SlowPro Cook and Hold Oven - 208/240V, 2250/3000W

Cook, reheat, and hold product in the same convenient unit with this Cooking Performance Group SlowPro CHSP1 cook and hold oven! The unit cooks and then automatically transitions over to holding, preserving the size and flavor of your meats and other food. Because the product can be cooked and held overnight, cooks and other staff don't have to start their shift as early which saves you money on labor costs. Cooking at lower temperatures also reduces energy costs and doesn't require a hood in most areas (check your local codes).

Traditional cooking methods that rely on high heat to cook foods will result in the shrinkage of your product and the increase of your food cost. Meats cooked at high temperatures will lose between 25-30 percent of their size, while using a cook and hold oven that utilizes low heat will decrease the shrinkage to between 5 and 10 percent. Over time this will grant you considerable savings on your food cost, while also producing a better-tasting, juicer product.

Featuring a stainless steel interior and exterior, this unit is fully insulated and accommodates (4) 18" x 26" sheet pans on wire shelves, or (16) 12" x 20" food pans on slides. Simple and reliable controls allow you to cook at temperatures between 150-325 degrees Fahrenheit and hold between 60-205 degrees Fahrenheit, while a convenient timer can be set for up to 12 hours. For greater mobility throughout your kitchen, or to on-site catered events, 4" casters are included with this unit. A 208/240V electrical connection is required for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 27 1/4"
Depth: 33 1/4"
Height: 43 1/2"