Product Lines

Commercial Ovens

Perfect for virtually all cooking and baking applications, a commercial convection oven from Cooking Performance Group is a great way to complete your kitchen lineup. Available in single and double deck models, these units are engineered for maximum durability and performance, ensuring that you’ll always be prepared for peak hours of service. With user-friendly controls and variable fan speeds, these ovens are intuitive and simple to operate – and they’re affordable, too.

Counter Equipment

Countertop equipment from Cooking Performance Group guarantees you powerful, quick, and efficient service in a compact construction that saves valuable space in your busy commercial kitchen. Slide stockpots across the grates of your hot plates, fry chicken or onion rings in your countertop fryer, grill burgers or fish on your countertop griddle, or allow the searing flames and smoke of your charbroiler to envelop steaks for an even greater-tasting product!


Cooking Performance Group ranges boast a sleek and sturdy 16 gauge stainless steel construction with aluminized sides to provide you with reliable, long-lasting performance. Equipped with ovens with a holding range of 150 - 550 degrees Fahrenheit, these units are available in models ranging from 4 to 10 burners.


All Cooking Performance Group equipment ships standard with everything that you need to install a reliable piece of equipment but to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your investment, numerous accessories are also available for added versatility!


Although built for reliable, commercial use, all restaurant equipment suffers wear and tear eventually. If you find that your tried-and-true Cooking Performance Group equipment item is in need of a repair, we have replacement parts available for purchase.